1. What is KendraHQ?

KendraHQ is a business automation software solution.
KendraHQ is crafted with agile software methodology and delivers a business solution while adhering to the best global business practices.
To know more, visit KendraHQ website: https://www.kendrahq.com/

2. What is a business automation solution & how is it defined at KendraHQ?

At KendraHQ we define business automation solution as a solution that delivers:
A single central source of truth for all business functions.
A digital system linking a multitude of business processes to form an integrated business solution.
A single point of data entry with a reduced chance of data error.
A software solution that is the centre, the heart of your business.
To discover more about the adoption of KendraHQ for your business, get in touch with the business automation experts at https://www.kendrahq.com/contact-us/

3. How to adopt the KendraHQ business automation software solution?

To start using KendraHQ for your business needs, please get in touch with our KendraHQ team today at https://www.kendrahq.com/contact-us/

4. What is the pricing model of KendraHQ software?

KendraHQ business automation software is offered with a flexible pricing model to help customers choose the business-specific application from a wide range of KendraHQ editions and add-ons.
The price offered is discovered based on the KendraHQ edition, choice of add-ons and number of end-users.
To discover more about  KendraHQ pricing, get in touch with the KendraHQ team at https://www.kendrahq.com/contact-us/
You may also visit the KendraHQ edition web-page to discover KendraHQ edition specific pricing – https://www.kendrahq.com/kendra-editions/

5. How I can make a payment while purchasing the  KendraHQ business automation software?

Convenient mode of payments like internet banking and popular secured global payment gateways are used for KendraHQ payment receipts.
To know more about the  KendraHQ payment details, get in touch with KendraHQ team at https://www.kendrahq.com/contact-us/

6. Can we integrate KendraHQ software with other systems and software?

Yes, we offer the convenience of integrating with other incumbent systems and software under our KendraHQ customized enterprise offering.
To learn  more about the  KendraHQ integrations, get in touch with our KendraHQ team at https://www.kendrahq.com/contact-us/

7. How KendraHQ can be adopted as a business software solution for small or large businesses?

The adoption and implementation of new software is a critical and tedious journey for most businesses.
 At KendraHQ, we are committed to offering a delightful technology adoption experience at every stage of the customer onboarding journey.
 KendraHQ, being cloud-based software, has the flexibility to scale to the size of a business, considering multiple products, locations, and business segments at ease.
It offers exceptional flexibility through KendraHQ editions and add-ons, providing you with an advantage to plan your digital journey at the pace of your business.  
Thus, KendraHQ enables digital transformation with a solution that is critical for a business without the hassle of long software development & implementation cycles.
KendraHQ thus delivers more business with less code in every stage of the customer business cycle.
To learn more about the adoption of KendraHQ for your business, get in touch with the KendraHQ experts at https://www.kendrahq.com/contact-us/

8. How KendraHQ can be adopted as business software for agri-business value chain?

Many leading agri-businesses globally are running their business successfully using KendraHQ. From fertiliser production to fertiliser ground spreading, we have helped many agri-businesses to adopt KendraHQ for their business transformation.
Today agri-businesses with discrete and distributed business entities, people, and processes leverage the power of KendraHQ to integrate business operations.
Whether you are a fertiliser distributor who needs to keep track of stocks and customer delivery or a stock feed producer who needs to prepare different nutrient blends and track its sales, KendraHQ supports everyone.
To discover more about how KendraHQ can help your agri-business, get in touch with the KendraHQ experts at https://www.kendrahq.com/contact-us/